Lab products and liquid handling

For the best performing lab products and liquid handling machines it’s possible to take a look at our web store. There are offered many liquid handling products and accessories made available by various renowned brands. Such handlers that can deal with fluids easily have certain advantages over a scientist.

First of all a liquid handling system is in many ways more accurate than a person. When doing a lot of batches this will prove useful. Besides the greater accuracy it will save time, not because these laboratory systems are faster than a technician, but because it can do all the work a scientist has to do otherwise. This way time is opened up and used more efficiently saving valuable intellectual resources. Furthermore liquid handling devices can be equipped with modules making it very adaptable for laboratories.

Liquid handling modularity

The modularity of liquid handling machines is very useful. There are many products that can be set up as accessoires the make the tasks for these robots more specific. Besides pipetting with great accuracy these devices can automatically store processed vessels and samples incubate them. There are also modules available that can heat seal the container for optimal protection. Shaking, heating, cooling and other tasks can also be performed.  Also liquid handling accessories that can wash tips of pipets or do dispensing on nano level. The modularity of these products offer a lot of flexibility.

Adaptable laboratory

In order to create an adaptable laboratory that is built for the future one can use the liquid handling robots from our online store. Buying this kind of scientific equipment is expensive and that’s why we offer a way to gradually kit out your laboratory. Automation is the future and liquid handling devices are part of that, so check out our wide range of products built for adaptability.