Selling your car for cash within 48 hours

Many researchers have been done over the past years concerning the U.S.A economic situation in this period of crisis. It seems that only 24.6% of the jobs in the U.S.A can be considered “good jobs” and that the whole country is tumbling in a very deep economic recession with no end in sight for the near future.

These facts scare quite a few people amongst the American population, people are trying to save money and cut excessive expenses anyway they possibly can to keep their heads up. Unneeded expenses and luxuries get cut off like jewelry, fancy vacations, computer/videogames and last but not least: expensive cars. People massively put up “junk car for sale” signs up and upload car sale adds all over the internet in the hope of selling their expensive car. But how do you stand out from those thousand Craig’s list and EBay adds?

Standing out from the crowd with a “car for sale” add

It’s very difficult to stand out from the thousands of car for sale adds online on websites like Craig’s list, EBay and so on. When your add is a day old it will have dropped many pages, and people don’t usually look further than 2 or 3 pages when looking for a car. So it’s important for to make your add jump out from the rest, to make it sound attractive to potential car dealers who might be interested in what you’re offering.

First of all you need to take some good pictures of your car with proper light, also make sure that your car is clean before taking any pictures. People tend to look at adds with pictures first, that’s why this is so important, good quality pictures are the first step to selling your used car for cash

Secondly, put up an attractive price: don’t overprice the car otherwise people won’t even bother looking at it at all, that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? I know that you want to get a good deal by selling your car for a high price, but don’t forget that it’s a very bad time to be selling your used car for cash right now because people don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. Make sure that the price is attractive for any potential car dealer.

Get cash for car within 48 hours

If you don’t want to go all through all this trouble to sell your car, you can skip all those things by signing up to the car sell website where you can register for free, and expect an offer from a car dealer within 48 hours. If you accept the offer you will get cash for car the day of the key exchange, no strings attached. This is by far the safest way to be selling your used car there is because all the car dealers are screened by professionals to ensure your safety and guarantee the best deals.