Less loans to buy cars but more craig’s list sales

In this era almost anything can get financed by a bank because we live in a life where loans control our daily lives. Anything from a fridge, to a car, a boat or a car can be financed by getting some sort of loan. Strangely enough we notice that people take less loans lately, why could that be?

Somehow people don’t seem to want loans for a car anymore and tend to turn to “sell used car” adds on Craig’s list or EBay. How come?

Paying off a loan is a monthly responsibility

The first answer that has been provided to answer this question was that people are afraid to make the commitment to pay off their loan every month given the financial crisis that we’re facing. People don’t have that feeling of financial security anymore, they are afraid of losing their job and not being able to pay their bills, so let alone any extra loans at this point of time. Besides many banks don’t give out loans as easily anymore due to this insecurity either, which makes it difficult for the buyer as well as the banks.

People want “cash for car”

Another reason for this change is that people who sell their used car want “cash for car” or “car for cash” nowadays, they don’t trust bank transfers or PayPal payments due to fraud. It makes it a lot easier for them to get cash for their car if they sell them on a car sale website. That way they can make the transaction on their own terms without anyone interfering in-between.

Getting cash for your car within 48 hours

The only problem with selling a used car online is that there’s a lot of competition which makes it very difficult to stand out from the crowd of advertisements. The best and easiest solution to sell your used car is by registering on the junk car sale website ineedtoseelmycar.com. Registering is free of charge, and you’ll receive an offer within 48 hours from a trustworthy car dealer near you who will pay cash upon delivery of the car keys, with no strings attached whatsoever.